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The Sweetbnb is a resource for new and existing hosts alike.  For new hosts, we are here to provide you with quick and direct starter advice to get you going quickly.  For existing hosts, we’re here to continuously improve your hosting with new products, ideas, tips & tricks.

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No B.S. Guides & Product Reviews

The Sweetbnb is a source for advice and products that we use and recommend because of QUALITY & COST.  Period.  It’s not an informercial website for products that have made a deal with us.  We use Amazon affiliate links and a few other major retailers as a source of minimal income for the site so we can keep doing this, but will never be biased or accountable to anyone but you.   We’ll tell it like it is.  Promise.

Welcome to the community!!

Greetings! Welcome to, a modern-day survival guide for new and existing Airbnb hosts.

We’re Joe & Veronica, a 40-something couple world travelers from the San Francisco bay area.  We’ve got two beautiful kids, and we’ve been using Airbnb as travelers and renting our home with Airbnb now for about 5 years.  Like you, our first experiences were bumpy to say the least!  We went online to find impartial and easy guides to this process and a few tips on practical products that might help us out.  Other than a few host forums and content – there aren’t a lot of impartial product and advice reviewers, just “infomercial” websites hiding a product or a seminar they’re trying to sell you.

This is why we’ve created the “Sweetbnb” online guide.

Our goal is to smoothly onboard you as a first time host and keep you as a fellow host friend in our community.  To do this, we need to give you totally IMPARTIAL advice on getting started, trends, products, cleaning, finances – everything hosting.  The good, the bad, the ugly.   We do this in a no-BS kind of way, and we are very COST CONSCIOUS!  We want to share the best bargains we can find with you.

Thanks for reading and supporting the and taking us on your journey!  For more about us and TheGreenbnb – eco-conscious hosting options, please click here.

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