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The Sweetbnb is a resource for hosts and guests alike who are interested in making Airbnb (and other rental sites) more effective, efficient, and beneficial for everyone.  We are here to provide you with the latest and greatest in advice and product info to get you going, and continuously improve your Airbnb experiences.

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No B.S. Guides & Product Reviews

The Sweetbnb is a source for advice and products that we use and recommend.  Period.  It’s not an informercial website for products that have made a deal with us.  We use Amazon affiliate links and a few other major retailers as a source of minimal income for the site so we can keep doing this, but will never be biased or accountable to anyone but you.   We’ll tell it like it is.

Welcome to the community!!

Greetings! Welcome to, a modern-day survival guide for new and existing Airbnb hosts.

We’re Joe & Veronica, a 40-something couple from the San Francisco bay area, we’ve got two beautiful kids – and we’ve been using Airbnb as travelers and renting our home with Airbnb now for about 5 years.  Like you, our first experiences were bumpy to say the least!

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Getting started and creating a lifestyle around sharing your home takes getting used to – and it’s scary.  You feel exposed and you have to take some lumps as you go.  As frequent travelers, we also use Airbnb as guests quite a lot, and we think we know what makes for a good Airbnb host and listing experience.

We went online to find impartial and easy guides to this process and a few tips on practical products that might help us out.  (It’s scary – particularly if you are just a regular home owner like us!).  Other than a few host forums and content – there aren’t a lot of impartial product and advice reviewers, just “infomercial” websites hiding a product or a seminar they’re trying to sell you.

This is why we’ve created the “Sweetbnb” online guide.

Our goal is to smoothly onboard you as a first time host and keep you as a fellow host friend in our community.  To do this, we need to give you totally IMPARTIAL advice on getting started, trends, products, cleaning, finances – everything hosting.  The good, the bad, the ugly.  (Because it is ugly sometimes!).  We do this in a no-BS kind of way.  If this fails, so be it – but we are going to do this without being beholden to anyone but you.

Let’s also be upfront about how we make money as we begin this journey together.  As part of our site, we review and include links of products primarily from Amazon, but also and other physical product retailers that sell a variety of products that we may or may not like.  By doing this, if you purchase a product, we receive a very small commission to continue working on this site, and remaining completely impartial for you.  We will never be beholden to any brand or service, and we will “tell it like it is”, and live by building community and trust.

In addition to all of the benefits of using our website, and also subscribe for free to our weekly email “The Sweet Host” to keep informed of our latest reviews and advice.

Lastly, because we are only here on this earth for a short while – we believe in giving back however we can, especially when it’s a no-brainer.  We’re not making a ton of money doing this, but whenever we can we will start supporting worthy causes with a donation or a callout.  Something we believe in and can do something right now about is pushing for the option to do Airbnb GREEN.  We’ve started a site and a sub-section of this site called “The Green BNB.”  This is a passion of ours – to bring a very simple, but effective “Green Host” designation to Airbnb (yes, it’s just a button!).  It would be simple and easy to check on your site after a basic questionnaire.  If you qualify, guests could then search by this criteria as well (just like superhost!).  Guests would monitor whether you in fact kept to your specific green designated items (such as recycling or towel washing basics).  We think this is easy and very basic – nothing more than common sense!  For more about the GreenBnb movement – please go here!

Whew!  That was a lot of info!  Thanks for reading and supporting the and taking us on your journey!

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